David and Tabitha

thir-1413-2The Lord has given Elder David and Minister Tabitha Person a vision for the ministry to reach unbelievers for Christ, and to edify those believers who are already in the faith of Jesus Christ.

Elder David Person has a desire to minister to the wounded  – the population of broken men. He seeks to help the broken find their place in Christ Jesus and to help them rebuild their lives using the life-changing principles of God’s Word and by assisting them with practical resources. David has worked in ministry for more than 24 years.  He was licensed to preach the gospel in 2000 and was ordained an Elder in November 2011. God has given him the ministry of evangelism; he preaches and teaches in many local churches in Hampton Roads and in the foreign regions of Haiti and Uganda, Africa.

Minister Tabitha Person is a Registered Nurse and ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  She has an MBA, BSN, BS in Religious Studies and a Master of Divinity in Theology from Liberty University. She  desires to help women of all ages grow and excel in every area of life – mentally, spiritually and physically. Tabitha writes Bible studies and facilitates Bible study in a women’s small group study. She also writes and publishes a bimonthly devotional entitled, “Growth in His Word.” The overarching goal of the devotional is to encourage others in their walk with Christ and to apply the timeless principles in the Word of God to real-life situations – offering practical, godly instruction directly from Scripture. Visit her blog coming January 2017!